Correlation of Retention Cyst and Rhinosinusitis


  • Selçuk Güneş
  • Ayşe Öznur Akidil
  • İrem Erdem
  • Burak Olgun
  • Mustafa Çelik
  • Zahide Mine Yazıcı

Received Date: 16.10.2018 Accepted Date: 24.10.2018 Med J Bakirkoy 2019;15(1):65-68


Retention cysts and rhinosinusitis is seen separately frequent in otorhinolaryngology practice. In this study, the coexistence of retention cysts and rhinosinusitis is evaluated and discussed in scope of literature.


All cases who admitted to our tertiary hospital between January 2010 and December 2016 who had paranasal sinus computed tomography for any reason included in the study. All cases was recorded in terms of age, gender, presence of retention cyst and if present which side and Lund-Mackay scores of two sides. Patients were evaluated for existence of retention cyst and rhinosinusitis. Rhinosinusitis evaluation was made with Lund-Mackay score. Cases were evaluated for the statistically significance relationship between retention cyst and Lund-Mackay scores.


Six hundred cases included in the study. In 36.2% (n=217) of the reviewed 600 computed tomography scans, retention cyst was present and 63.8% (n=383) retention cyst was not present. Among retention cyst positive cases, 82 (37.9%) was right sided, 68 (31.4%) was left sided and 66 (30.5%) was bilateral. According to the Lund-Mackay score, 2.7% (n=130) case was valued as grade 1, 13.2% (n=79) case was valued as grade 2. In the light of this information, there seems to be a statistically significant relationship between the side with retention cyst and Lund-Mackay score. (p<0.01).


Lund-Mackay scores of the retention cyst sinus side was statistically significant high in our study (p<0.01). In this context there was significant relationship between rhinosinusitis and presence of retention cyst. However, because there is opposed data in the literature, further study is required to investigate the relationship of rhinosinusitis and retention cysts.

Keywords: Rhinosinusitis, Lund-Mackay, retention cyst

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